• The time I was asked to play a person’s fake wife’s role, just so that he could impress his friends.


It is a common form of routine we generally see in the escort industry that a person usually hires an escort to play the role of their girlfriend for a day to either show off or make themselves happy, but all this changed when I got a client who wanted me to pretend as though I was his girlfriend. The client had hired me for a college reunion as I was working for a Birmingham escort agency. His and my thought during the entire time was that I was playing a role of his girlfriend, but upon meeting a few of his friends when he introduced me to his friends as his wife, everything changed. This made me feel slightly uncomfortable as this was not what we had agreed on before. After he paraded me around the floor as his wife I did not feel right, thus I confronted him at the end of the night about this and learned the truth.

During the time when he studied here, he was considered as a loner and had no friends, thus he had hired me to show his friend that he had a better wife and life than they have. The truth is that nothing throws us off our game when a person hires us for a reason and completely changes it at the end. Clients don’t generally understand that telling us the main reason for hiring us will only help them, as we will be able to play that specific role in a much better manner.


      2) I knew she was cheating on her husband but could not say a thing due to the confidentiality agreement we sign.

Any escort who has a recurring clientele knows that the keyway of gaining people’s trust is by never revealing their names, but all this ethical understanding starts to shatter when an escort brings out their moral side. I am a male escort who has been working the industry for over six years and not in those all years have I ever come across an instance like this where I found a wife cheating on her husband who according to her description sounded like a swell guy to me. Generally, when I take on a client, I make sure to get as much as knowledge about them to ensure that the client is trustable, but as a friend had vouched for this client thus, I did not do the regular research which I do.

The services involved cuddling, intercourse and even certain specifications where she used certain BDSM tools on me which I had agreed to while she hired me. All went as planned but knowing that she somewhere has a husband who loves her a lot kept me off my game the whole time and thus I did not provide her the excellent service but just behaved with her as discussed. Most of the escorts like to keep the moral side of their to their real life as it is a common understanding in the escort business that expressing true feeling will only kill the experience.