Sex trafficking:

The terms sex trafficking and sex work are often misinterpreted and confused with each other. I am here to tell you that these two are very different things. There is a dark history behind sex trafficking; it is the trafficking of human beings with the intention of sexual exploitation, sexual slavery and sometimes even rape. A victim is forced into a situation where they would be dependant on the trafficker and then used by the same to provide sex to customers. There are three types of activities of sex trafficking, acquisition of the person by force, transportation of them and finally exploitation. According to the International Labour Organization, there are around 21 million people who are being forced into these kinds of heinous activities.

A majority of these individuals find themselves in a situation where they are coerced and abused in subduing, and any attempts to escape would be both dangerous to them which would put their physical safety at risk if it wasn’t already and also would prove to be very trying. In some cases, if one of these poor people get pregnant, they force her to give birth, and regardless of the gender of the baby they raise it in these pathetic and disgraceful environments and force the baby as well to get into sexual services. They raise the baby, and when it gets to the age of 16-17, precisely when it reaches sexual maturity, it is compelled to start taking customers.

Sex work, escorting:

By definition both sex trafficking and sex work involve prostitution, but when it comes to sex work, there is a willingness to do so. For example, most of the escorts from the Birmingham escort agency are sex workers they do it out of willingness. Sex trafficking as said above is forceful and deceitful, but sex work is done. Women and men choose to sell their time and body to attain large amounts of money. Sometimes they do so with all the intentions of anonymous sex with strangers because they indeed like having sex and gaining wealth at the same time. Individual sex workers sometimes end up enjoying what they do, for example, escorts, most escorts love what they do.

Similarly, prostitutes enjoy the attention, strangers being affectionate and most of them make over $500 per session. Although prostitution is criminalized in the United States Of America, these people can be arrested and prosecuted accorded to the laws of the state. Sex workers still remain vulnerable to abusive clients, PTSD, rape, etc. at high rates. But they do have the option of getting rid of the customer or even quit working as an escort or prostitute whenever they want. The health of these people is moderate at best; they don’t usually attain nutritious meals to keep them hale and hearty. This is the case for most sex workers who are maintained by pimps, but escorts generally tend to take care of themselves.