When it comes to sex, the expectations of men and women are entirely different. We all know for a fact that men take the lead most of the time. Since they are in command, they do things that they like and love.

But women, on the contrary, are once being controlled during sex. Hence they go with the flow of what men do. But there are a few things that women expect from the sex partner. In this article, we will see them in detail.

Foreplay and it starts outside the bedroom

All the men out there make a note of this point. There are men who don’t even care about foreplay. They straight away go the main thing. The most important part is that they are expecting it to start outside the bedroom. So initiate the sex outside the bedroom, play with her and then you can enter the bedroom.

G spots

Do not just limit yourself with one obvious part where you will give all the concentration which is a common complaint that women make. Not just wives and girlfriends even some Birmingham escorts have said that men just concentrate on that one spot. There are a lot of areas that deserve a lot of attention. Some of them include the neck, navel, collar bone back and a lot more. Make it a point to concentrate on all these areas and make the most of it during sex.

Hundred percent concentrations

There might be a million things running in your mind. But when you are in bed with her, it is essential that you give all the importance to her. Everything else can take the back seat. Your actions should be in such a way that she should feel that there nothing in your mind except her.

Bring a bit of variety

We do accept the fact that men are losing in this big time because they really do know how to bring variety into sex. It better to some knowledge about it try to imply them as far as possible. It is not just about her. In general, it will definitely boost and spice up your sex life.


This is one of the things that many girls like to do. But will not say it out loud. It is men who need to understand it and take the necessary steps to make it happen. There are a lot of roles that can be played and believe us both will definitely have a great time.

Let her be in control

When it comes to sex men are generally used to taking control. Even though women love it when men take control, she also likes to be in charge once in a while. So let sit in the driving seat and take full control of the entire act. The best part about this is that men also love a woman who takes control during sex.

Slowly undress her

The first thing is that she is expecting you to undress her. Do not wait for her to undress. At the same time make it slow and do not be in a hurry. They love men who make their move in a very gentle way.