In today’s world, it’s not compulsory for escorts to see everybody as now they have the liberty to choose among the tens and hundreds of clients who contact them for various reasons. Most escorts match clients based on multiple factors which if matched with their criteria only then the client is chosen. This process of selecting a client based on multiple factors is called “Screening.” As per the statement from many Birmingham escort agencies they make sure that their models get into action only after the screening process.

Protecting one’s own privacy, that is a luxury for the client but for escorts knowing all the aspects of a client’s life is a way by which they can protect themselves. Screening is how escorts gather various information on clients and use that information to determine whether or whether not they will be providing them with their service. Escorts generally ask for a legal ID which has the person’s name, hight, profession, company which the client works for, body type and many other things. Generally, while first-time users go through this process to ensure the escorts service but once a client has passed this text, they can use this as a reference if they want to hire an escort in the future. The following are a few of the reasons why escorts go through the entire process of screening.


1) Avoid Timewasters

In the escort service industry, it is a common factor where some people just call escorts and hire them to waste their time. Thus escorts ask clients various question in hand just to ensure if the person is a real deal or not so that they can utilize their time rather than just spending it non-profiting errands.

2) To make sure they are not being scammed

In specific scammers are those people who just hire escort service for the fun of it and leave them penny less at the end of the day. Some of them don’t even show up, or even if they do, they usually tend to be who they are not while hiring the escort; thus in reality, being a completely different person.

3) Not to accept violent offenders as clients

Now, this is one such aspect with which everyone will agree on no matter who the person is. As escorts are ready to spend the entire day with a person, thus making sure that the person is not a violent offender and is of sound mind becomes a general necessity.

4) Personal consideration

It is a common factor in the escort service industry, where some escorts choose to be very picky with their clients. They base this on the color, race, body type or even on the field the client is working for. These factors completely depend on the escort and the kind of preference they choose to cater their service to.

5) To come to a common ground

Escorts take up this step to ensure that they are safe at all times and also to make sure that the client they are about to meet and spend their entire time with, does not have any other motives in their mind. Escorts generally take this factor into consideration when they are dealing with a new client; thus they make sure to meet the client at a neutral ground where they feel comfortable and safe just to ensure their safety.