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Hair Transplants in Chicago Offer Successful Results

Getting a hair transplant is an extremely common procedure, and Chicago has many experienced surgeons who can perform the procedure safely and effectively. The hair transplant procedure is done in the doctor’s office. The surgeon cleans the scalp and injects medicine to numb the back of the head. After the numbing medicine has taken effect, the surgeon will determine which type of hair transplant Chicago will produce the best results for you. The two most common methods are follicular unit strip surgery and extractions.

The FUE method is one of the most advanced types of hair transplant surgery. This minimally invasive procedure involves removing hair from the donor area. The surgeon then uses an ultra-fine punch to separate individual follicles and creates recipient sites on the scalp. The grafts are separated into units of one to four and implanted into balding areas on the scalp. The treatment has a high success rate, and it has no side effects.

The NeoGraft method is one of the latest and most advanced hair transplant methods available. This minimally invasive procedure uses individual grafts to transplant into the balding areas. Its uniqueness makes it the ideal choice for those who are worried about the cost of the procedure. The surgeons at the Chicago clinic will work with you to determine which option is best for you. These surgeons will assess your health and perform a detailed physical examination to determine the best approach for you.

The FUE method is the best choice for hair transplant patients. It involves the removal of hair from the donor area and creates the recipient sites using individual grafts. This technique has a high take rate and is considered the best option for patients with thinning and balding areas. It is also much easier to perform and results are visible in a matter of weeks. There are many benefits to having a hair transplant in Chicago.

The NeoGraft method is an advanced method for hair transplant in Chicago. It has become the standard for hair transplant in the city. This minimally invasive procedure uses consistent grafts and individual follicles to create the recipient sites. This method is also less expensive than other methods because the patient doesn’t have to undergo a series of follow-up procedures. It is a great way to restore a hairline and look younger.

A hair transplant is a cosmetic procedure that can help restore a patient’s confidence by restoring the hairline. The procedure is also effective in improving a person’s appearance. It can help them look younger and feel more confident. The FUE method is the latest and most effective method of hair transplant surgery. This minimally invasive technique is a great option for patients who wish to get a full head of thick, dense, and full-bodied hair.